Stoneshard demo

Also includes all future DLCs and ability to share your feedback with developers directly. All of the above, plus console copy platform of your choicedigital soundtrack, digital art book, hero portraits pack and the access to Closed Beta held before Steam Early Access release. All of the above, plus access to Close Alpha held before — you guess — Closed Beta.


Plus an exclusive quest line. Player-designed in-game content will be a result of collaboration and approval from developers before getting into the game. All of the above, plus design your own follower who will join the hero in the Caravan and help him on his journey.

May 15, - Jun 16, 32 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Grim medieval adventure that blends old school roguelike gameplay with modern ideas. Ink Stains Games.

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In order to access the rest of this trainer's functions, you will need to purchase its premium version at cheathappens. Available here: Stoneshard Trainer. Unlimited Health: Toggle on and while in combat the trainer will try to keep your health high. May not work in all areas. Unlimited Mana: Toggle on and while in combat the trainer will try to keep your Energy or Mana high. You can also mute specific hotkeys by changing the hotkey you want to mute to 'NONE'. Trainer options will now be drawn as buttons.

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stoneshard demo

Stoneshard: Prologue Store Page. Global Achievements. You come to your senses in a sinister dungeon. The Ritual is about to commence — you have only one chance to escape. Stoneshard: Prologue is a demo to the main game, presenting its basic mechanics. Visit the Store Page.

Most popular community and official content for the past week. Main game is ridiculously hard. I enjoyed the prologue and completed it three times. I was really looking forward to starting the main game and eagerly began playing it this evening. So I accepted the bandit quest, but there are no signposts and it doesn't give you any directions about Post your prologue beating build or tips?

There's no guides in the guides section yet but why not some of you slick willie veterans help the silly noobs just by letting us know what "worked" for you?

Its a ton of choices, So far it sounds like 2 handers and kiting into walls and whatnot. Fun, but seems way to hard. Destroyed twice in the first room after the tutorial. The game seems fun but the difficulty is very off putting. This game almost has me sold. The only thing I don't get is how the Ascended Archon is impossible to defeat. I can get him to actually drop his shield and fight me, but he curses you so you can't use spells, then when you finally get his HP down he just eats a corpse and returns to al Legalise Drugs and Murder achievement.

I did some research and supposedly two items enable the Bad Trip effect needed for the achievement - herbal extract and stardust.

Stoneshard | Download Game

I have found a couple of times the first one during my 6-hour playtime but the consumable didn't give me the required effect, Freak n' Quote. View all guides. View screenshots. Since the main game is final How to enter fullscreen.

Lucky Chance. Evil Grimoire. View artwork. Slay the boss like a boss. Rider Death.Stoneshard is a dark tale of ambiguity in a battle between good and evil. The story takes place in the kingdom of Aldor. During its recent history, Aldor survived the reign of a tyrannical king, his struggle for power, and the devastating war to which his thirst for power led. You start your journey as an ordinary mercenary. Your homeland, once flourishing, is now torn apart by internal conflict turned into a full-scale war.

During your journey you will assemble a Caravan of followers and embark on an epic adventure. Travel across Aldor as you meet many forces clashing for power, untangle a web of lies and bring peace to the kingdom — or plunge it into chaos. The fate of Aldor lies in your hands! Releasing a free demo of Stoneshard during the Kickstarter campaign proved to be a success for indie publisher HypeTrain Digital and developer Ink Stains Games.

Since its Steam release on June 5th, Stoneshard: Prologue got more than downloads and gained 'Very Positive' user review summary. This is a great start for Stoneshard, as we're laying a solid foundation for future release of the full game with active engaged community of true roguelike fans.

Aside from ordinary Hit Points, you will have to deal with different diseases and ailments like pain, hunger, broken bones, thirst and various forms of intoxication. Mental health also plays a big role in Stoneshard — your character can suffer from mental instability and psychological traumas. A wide arsenal of medicinal aids and techniques will help you survive. Bandage and cauterize your wounds, put splints on broken bones, use bloodletting leeches, overcome pain with spirits and drugs and use antidote injections to counteract dangerous toxins in your body.

Diagnose illnesses by their symptoms and cure them before they fully set in. Failing to save the world all because you died of a fever you caught in some decrepit dungeon would be a terrible shame …. To emerge victorious, you have to take swift, but cautious action — avoid large fights, use different skills and adapt your tactics to match the battlefield. Ambush your foes, killing them swiftly and stealthily. Sorcery is also ever-present in the world of Stoneshard.

Many schools of magic are available to the player: from controlling Frost, Electricity and Fire to channeling arcane energy — and changing the flow of time. Turn the tides of battle using Area of Effect spells. Create a new hero and resume your journey — with part of the accumulated experience and game progression intact. You can become a battle mage, swinging a two-handed axe, or a stealthy ninja who knows his way around medicine. All you have to do to start learning a new talent is to find a Treatise or learn from a trusty mentor.

The talent pool is extremely robust: Spear and Bow mastery, Mechanics and MedicineSurvival and AlchemyAstromancy and Arcane magics — and much, much more. Your Caravan is a transportable hub which you can customize to your liking. Use your resources wisely, acquire new Carriages and improve the old ones, allocate living space. Your future followers can be found in multiple ways: you can save them from certain death in a dungeon, buy their loyalty with gold or simply let the eager ones join you!

Followers will possess randomized sets which will affect their relationship with other characters. Some followers have their own story to telland they might share it with you — if your bond is strong enough. This may turn into a quest line, which, upon completion, will not only solidify that specific follower as a worthwhile friend, but will also unlock his full potential during your journey.

Story Events are constantly happening in the Caravan, reflecting the state of the world around you, as well as character relations.At first glance, I thought Stoneshard is one of those unforgiving roguelike games that punish you hard for even the slightest mistake. I still believe many will see it that way, but underneath Stoneshard's brutality, some solid gameplay mechanics greatly help your character survive.

Stoneshard's prologue takes about 30 minutes to finish assuming you have no issues with the final boss and acts as a demo for the game. You're introduced with all the main mechanics and asked to put them to the test, but once you're done with the prologue, the real work begins.

Although the game is in early access, you get to choose between four classes: Reaver, Maiden Knight, Woodward, and Runaway Sorceress. Each class comes with a unique trait and a set of skills that fit a certain playstyle. Stoneshard is set in an open-world medieval world and lets you take on contracts and explore the world of Aldor.

Well, I'd strongly recommend dropping the exploration part until you finish a handful of contracts, otherwise, you'll die quite fast. For my starting character, I chose the Runaway Sorceress, a squishy ranged class that can dish out decent damage at the beginning of the game.

The problem is all contracts must be completed in confined locations like abandoned castles, ruined forts or dungeons, so it's quite tricky to prevent enemies from engaging you in melee. The good news is combat is turn-based and most of the time you'll be fighting one or two enemies at a time. Having both ranged and melee weapons is a good idea since there's no way that your character will remain out of reach for too long.

I know my sorceress broke quite a few skulls with her staff during her adventures. During my short time in Stoneshard, I fought wildlife, human brigands, and all sorts of undead, from vampires to wights. I'd say there's enough variety of enemies for an early access title, each with their own strong points and weaknesses. Stoneshard has a solid health system where each part of your body has its own health, but if one part is disabled, your overall health will drop considerably.

To help you with mending your injuries, developers added splints, healing salves and other materials that can be used to stop the bleeding of a body part and then heal it.

Depending on which part of your body is injured, your attacks might fail fumbleso it's really not a good idea to continue your adventure without healing for too long.

And then there's the pain. Whenever you take a lot of damage and one of your body parts breaks, the pain will become a constant nuisance until you drink alcohol or any other concoction that can relieve it. It's a good idea to stock up on various healing items before taking on a new contract, but there are lots of items that you can find in dungeons and ruins.

You can even cook and make potions if you learn the recipes and have the right ingredients. On top of that, you must drink and eat, but that's one of the least worrisome survival mechanics since a contract usually takes between 30 minutes and one hour.

Now, the roguelike aspect derives from the fact that whenever you die, you start from the beginning and lose everything i. Well, if you don't enable the permadeath option, you can start right from before you took a new contract. Stoneshard does include a save system, but it will only work while you're at the tavern.

So, before you take on a new contract, it's a good idea to sleep at the inn and save your game. That way, if something bad happens, you will not lose too much of your progress. Although not all are available at the moment, Stoneshard promises more than abilities and equipment pieces, which are not restricted by class.

I also saw a placeholder for at least another class, which will probably be added in the coming months. Overall, my time in Stoneshard was quite wonderful.Sign in to add this item to your wishlist, follow it, or mark it as not interested.

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Games Games. Software Software. Software Hub. Hardware Hardware. Community Hub. You come to your senses in a sinister dungeon. The Ritual is about to commence — you have only one chance to escape.

Stoneshard: Prologue is a demo to the main game, presenting its basic mechanics. Recent Reviews:.

stoneshard demo

All Reviews:. Ink Stains Games. HypeTrain Digital. Popular user-defined tags for this product:.

stoneshard demo

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Store Page. Stoneshard Store Page.

Stoneshard: Prologue (Full playthrough)

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Wayfinder View Profile View Posts. Really looking forward too it. It may appear on 30th or 31st of December. It's still "this month" after all. Originally posted by holy-death :. Originally posted by Doeseph Doestar :. Originally posted by Sir Ippo :. Last edited by Wayfinder ; 23 Dec, am. Before the new year sounds good. Looking forward to it. Its here guys. The demo is amazing.

stoneshard demo

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